Hidden Paradise, “Indonesia”

Indonesia, an Archipelago.. this country is a paradise with lots off shore and beaches, sunny weather, blue water, white coral, black sand and white pearl sand landscaping across Indonesia’s islands. Everyone knows Indonesia is rich with hidden paradise, only few has already pleased with these wonderful and magnificent scenes. No need going abroad enjoying such beautiful water of Phi Phi Island in Thailand and no need going to Dover if you wanna see white cliff coral and great waves. All are here in Indonesia.
I present you 12 most beautiful and romantic spot to you enjoying your relaxing time and spending your time with your lovable couple on your honeymoon. Counted down from 12 to #1 list.

12. Parangtritis – Baron – Krakal – Kukup Beach (Jogjakarta)
Located in south of Java island, Gunung kidul mountains outstretched across the water and his great waves. The shore is about so familiar with Nyi Roro Kidul myth, an island legend who lives and rules the south java island ocean. There are many huts and resorts build within the areas, the views are magnificent. At Baron Beach, you can enjoy delicious and various sea foods, and the most important is, they dont need spending lots of money and fresh foods are served.

Baron Beach with black sand and blue water

11. Mentawai Island
The Mentawai Islands are a chain of about seventy islands and islets off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Siberut (4,030 km²) is the largest of the islands. The other major islands are Sipura, North Pagai (Pagai Utara) and South Pagai (Pagai Selatan). The islands lie approximately 150 km off the Sumatran coast, across the Mentawai Strait. The Mentawai Islands have become a noted destination for surfing.

10. Pasir Panjang Beach (Singkawang)
About 17KM from Singkawang. Pasir Panjang beach has long been a popular recreation place, overlooking the sea, lies, and some small islands in the surrounding areas, among others Lemukutan island, the island Kabung and Randayan Island. Small boats and speed boat can be hired here to go to these islands.

As a place of recreation, tourism has been equipped with various facilities and support in the vicinity of the beach has many hotels, cottages, shops, discotheque, and other facilities available for tourists. This place is suitable for those who like sports pool, fishing, diving and water skiing or surfing

9.Sanur Beach
Everyone knows that Bali is island with lots off beautiful shore and beaches, one of them is Sanur. Sanur has calm water, white sand and the sunset is about so romantic. Many spots in the areas can be used to see the golden sun at the evening.

8. Tanjung Kalayang Beach (Bangka Belitung)
Laskar Pelangi, a picture that show how beautiful Province of Bangka Belitong is. Take set in the huge granite stone of Tanjung Kalayang Beach, coconut trees, white sand and blue water, makes everyone cant wait anylonger to jump up splash to the waters.

7. Komodo Island Beach (NTT)
This is one of picturesque that representing of Dinosaurs age, the view of mountains and the shore is so contrast and beautiful.

6. Plengkung Beach (Banyuwangi)
Not many peoples are familiar with this name, yup to people who love surfing will find it like paradise. Plengkung is located in south of Banyuwangi city. Facing the open Indian Ocean and his most greatest waves make this place perfect to surfing. This is the shore with 2nd most challenging waves in the territory (some said in the world) to conquer after Mentawai Island.

5. Gili Nanggu (Lombok)
The beaches is so pure as the water is so blue. The white sand completed the scenery, small island forming like Atol make this beach too good to be passed. Sunny weather and cold ice tea can be relaxing you with fresh breeze.

4. Jimbaran Bay (Bali)
Sunset, seafood, wind breeze, romantic dining…. you named it and Jimbaran is the only perfect placed to live like a king and queen. Enjoying the sunset in this beach is priceless, accompanying with old ballads and white wine and candle light on your table, this is the Paradise.

3. Bunaken (Manado)
Bunaken, a place to which million fishes and their coral forming to an extremly and exotic sea world. Billions colors of coral and fishes is too good to be missed. Even you can see the beautiful waters with only put your glass tube under your boat. Clear water and great landscape combined into an unforgettable moments

2. Dreamland Beaches (Pecatu – Bali)
This is new paradise for Aussie peoples spending their time in Bali, White coral cliff, big waves, white sands, soft breeze, hot sun are about the perfect combination. The sea like never dies, the beautiful scenery from top and bottom part of the beach is so adorably. One word to describe the continent, AMAZING !!

1. Raja Ampat (Papua)
The Raja Ampat, or “Four Kings,” archipelago encompasses more than 9.8 million acres of land and sea off the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s West Papua Province. Located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of the world’s coral reef biodiversity, the seas around Raja Ampat possibly hold the richest variety of species in the world.

The area’s massive coral colonies show that its reefs are resistant to threats like coral bleaching and disease —threats that now jeopardize the survival of corals around the world. In addition, Raja Ampat’s strong ocean currents sweep coral larvae across the Indian and Pacific Oceans to replenish other reef ecosystems. Raja Ampat’s coral diversity, resilience to threats, and ability to replenish reefs make it a global priority for marine protection.


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