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I think when we faced a problem or a difficult things, we are looking for the place which can erase our difficult moment such as a bad day, broken heart, money problem, got a problems with relatives, or other problem we were facing that can make us very sad and unhappy.. a lot of people have a different way to solve their problem, but my way is pray to the god and beside that i’m going to find a nice place to take a deep breath, finding quite place, staying calm and far away from crowd environment.

For me escaping to quite place is very important, make me feel brand new, reducing angry and disappointed feelings, beside that, my escaping goal is finding new inspiration for my life, it helps me a lot when  i got stuck in my life, refresh my time just for relax and escape from my activities would be very helpful to recharge my inspiration.

Because i don’t have a lot of time to spare, and also money to travel : ) , so the location near our hometown could be very worth if we grateful for all what we have, it would be very nice spare our time here.. : ) …. This is the place i used to spend my time for “me time”

  • Dago Hill : about 10 Km up hill to the north east of Bandung city via dago bengkok country road, it would be very nice view and enjoying Bandung landscape from here : )

Dago Hill

me and denny

i called it “a lonely tree”

  • Wendy’s Braga : take a seat on the corner of this fast food restaurant, and feel the coziest place, even the location in the center of Bandung City, but staying here and just pick up some old town photograph in braga street would give us a brand new inspiration.. check it out for the old fashioned style : )

Wendy’s Braga


  • Padalarang Railway Curve : Come visit this place when the sun goes down, and you will see how god has create our world very beautiful and very nice, at this place we can see the rice field scenery along the railway curve, local farmers who cultivate rice field by traditional farming system and also the buffalo play the main object in cultivating the rice field. Don’t shy to take a picture with them, it could be very unforgettable moment taking picture with farmers and their buffalo also : ).. Then take a walk about 5 minutes trace the railway to the north side, and you will enjoy a beautiful railway bridge scenery, especially if u can reach the hill side the bridge the scenery would be unforgettable moment.
Railway Curving

Railway Curving

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up


Farmers and Buffalos

Farmers and Buffalo


Old Railway Curve Bidge

Old Railway Curve Bidge


  • Selasar Sunaryo : Again up hill of Bandung City, we can enjoy a very nice art space of Selasar Sunaryo,  Selasar Sunaryo Art Space located in Dago Pakar, about 10 Minutes from Bandung downtown, trace up hill the dago street and turn your self before Ciburial. Here we can enjoy our self so deep, we can relax our self and enjoy your moment with family, relatives, or your friend. If u really love Art and masterpiece of visual art exhibitions, i think this is the right place. But if we just only need a relaxing place, this Art Space also include what you want, come here around 3pm and enjoy the Coffee, Lasagna, Spaghetti, etc while waiting for the sun goes down 🙂
down stairs @selasar sunaryo

down stairs @selasar sunaryo

Sun Goes Down

Sun Goes Down @Selasar Sunaryo


Thanks For Enjoying

Mohamad Adiguna


About Mohamad Adiguna

Ketika ada sebuah objek baru terlihat sekilas, saya tidak segan mencari tahu dan meng-explore sampai saya tau apa itu dan makna nya untuk saya.. hingga sebuah kesimpulan muncul tentang diri saya.. "i enjoy explore a new horizon" View all posts by Mohamad Adiguna

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