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MB IPB Marketing class held on March 20th 2013, Our Lecture Ujang Sumarwan, Ph.D., gives us a video about CEO of world companies who had so many ideas, inspiring the next generation, shaping trends and forging the future, ideas that change the way we live. The name of the program is CEO Exchange. In class We watched the episode about Xerox lead by the most influenced woman, Anne M. Mulcahy the Chairman & CEO. and also we watched the story about The Coca Cola Company lead by Neville Isdell as a Chairman & CEO.

Based on their explanation about how to lead the company and solve the company problem, and also their style to improving the company performance, there are so many statement that inspired me to do the same as what they did in business performance and also career performance.

The Statement which already inspired me are..

Anne Mulcahy

Anne Mulcahy

Anne Mulcahy “Making it personal and you know, making sure that people understand that you know, wherever possible, you’ve tried to do the right thing for people”

Neville Isdell

Neville Isdell

Neville Isdell “Spoke to and listened to the people in the business. And the day that it was announced I was in the quadrangle talking to the people, telling them that they were the core and the heart of the business and that I was going to restore the spirit back to the business”

So, would you do the same as what they did to their business? or you’ve your own style in your business?

Back to the basic, i think “LISTEN to your people” is the powerful leadership skill to deliver you to success

Mohamad Adiguna


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